Kevin Coyne
Founder and Chair, Safe Suburbs USA
Raquel Mitchell

Will County Board

Bruce Hanson
Chief Financial Officer, Safe Suburbs USA | Chair, Naperville Planning & Zoning Commission
Ron Amato
Naperville Fire Pension Board, Fmr. President, Exchange Club of Naperville
Fran Bixler, CRS 5.25x5.5
Fran Bixler
Community Leader
Gerry Cassioppi
Attny, Fmr. President DuPage Co. Bar Assn
Vasavi Chakka
Naperville SECA Commissioner
Greg Abbott
Woodridge Trustee
Jose Martinez
Consulting Professional and Community Leader
Chris Jacks
Chair, Naperville Historic Preservation Board
Heather Jurkowski
Community Leader
Kara Mason
Community Leader
Katie Wood
Community Leader
Kenn Miller

Fmr. Naperville City Councilman and Fmr. Chair of the Naperville Police & Fire Commission

Kelly Wu
Community Leader
Camielle Holcombe
Community Leader
Bradford Miller

Chair, Naperville Human Rights and Fair Housing Commission

Krishna Bansal
Community Leader, India Day Co-Founder
Michael Prueter

In Memoriam

Marty Walker
Retired Carol Stream Firefighter, Fmr. Executive Director, Naperville Ribfest
Lt. Bill Collins (Retired)

Lombard Police Department

Vince Logan
Law Enforcement Instructor
Whitney Robbins

Secretary, Planning and Zoning Commission

Emy Trotz
Executive Assistant to the Mayor of Naperville (Retired); Fmr. Naperville Exchange Club Past President
Amy Sandison
Community Leader
Mansoor Ahmed

Community Leader

Det. Richard Wistocki (Retired)

Child Crimes, Naperville Police, Child Safety Expert, Regular TV Commentator

Abby Oliver

Political Advisor

Basia Geiger

Police Family and Community Leader

Tina Bukowski

Community Leader

Grant Dungan

Community Leader


Michael Connelly
Illinois Senate, 2013-2018, Illinois House of Representatives 2009-2013. Illinois Senate Minority Leader


Kyler Juckins
Attorney, North Central College graduate

Safe Suburbs USA PAC is a political action committee that is unaffiliated with any government office or law enforcement agency. Any opinions expressed by Safe Suburbs USA PAC are our own and are not to be interpreted as statements made on behalf of any government office or law enforcement agency, nor as expressions made on behalf of any organization with which our Advisory Board members may be individually affiliated.